There are number of big and small companies in India and other parts of the globe doing Neem based research, formulations, and product development in the areas like Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Cosmetics, Environment conservation etc. In spite of all this Neem is not getting enough attention. End users of neem based products are not aware of; do not know that there are number of neem products available in the market. If we want that good genuine neem based product should reach to its true end users and if we want Neem to give the position or name it truly deserves we have to create a NEEM WAVE by organizing an memorable event i.e. “GLOBAL NEEM TRADE FAIR“.

GLOBAL NEEM TRADE FAIR will offer a platform to all stakeholders involved with the neem business to showcase their Neem products under one roof.


( 25th to 27th Feb 2016)

It’s our great pleasure and privilege to inform you Neem enthusiasts that The First ever “GLOBAL NEEM TRADE FAIR” was held from 25th to 27th February 2016 at Hall of Harmony, Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai. It was organized by Neem Wave Exhibitions LLP, Mumbai.

The “GLOBAL NEEM TRADE FAIR” was inaugurated by Dr B R Gaikwad, Chairman, Chemexcil and President special Projects, VVF Ltd. and Mrs. Waheeda Rehman Veteran Film Actress and Brand Ambassador Neem Foundation, was the Guest of Honor.

Dr. Gaikwad in his inaugural address emphasized the importance of neem in day to day life and cautioned about China’s aggressive Neem Promotion policy.
Mrs. Waheeda Rehman launched the “Neeming India” project of Neem Foundation, Mumbai. This project is about spreading awareness and to encourage the planting of more no of Neem trees.

A book on Neem in English titled “Neem: Nature’s Healing Gift to Humanity “written by Mr. Klaus Ferlow of Vancouver, Canada was released. “Gota Neem” Neem based four cosmeceutical from Austria to address different skin problems were launched for the Indian Market. ‘Neem Yug’ a book on Neem in Hindi written by Mr. R A S Khangar was also released during the event.

The program comprised of two day seminar and three days exhibition. Exhibition showcased Neem products from all over the globe. Besides India participants from Bangladesh, Australia, Canada, USA, Brazil, Spain and Kenya participated in this three day event. The companies who participated as exhibitors are Terramera Plant Inc., Canada; Neeming Australia, Australia; 4Lab4You, Austria; Neem Foundation, Mumbai; Agrilife, Hyderabad; Fortune Biotech Ltd, Hyderabad; Parker Biotech Pvt Ltd, Chennai; Nisarga Biotech Pvt Ltd, Satara; Himalaya Drug Company, Bangalore; Atomic Vacuum, Taloja. Exhibitors exhibited Neem Based products used in the Agriculture, Pharmaceutical (Human & Animal Health), Cosmeceutical, Personal care, Environment Conservation & Protection. Two day seminar on commercial aspects of Neem was the highlight of this three day event.

Dr R C Saxena, Dr Gopinathan, Dr Joaquim Morgado, Dr B N Vyas, Dr Baral, Dr Nutan Kaushik, Mr. Grant Aldridge, Dr Athreya Devanur, Dr Ramanjaneyulu, Dr Azucena, Dr Bohra and Mr. RAS Khangar were the eminent speakers, who spoke about the Neem’s commercial and scientific potentials.

At this very First Global Neem Trade Fair, it was strongly suggested that a very active and strong Global Neem Action Group should be formed.  So “World Neem Organization” was conceptualized.  “World Neem Organization” is going to be a consortium of all interested neem enthusiasts, partners, and workers with a view to pool and synergize their expertise, knowledge, and resources. WNO will coordinate among all stakeholders of Neem for the promotion of neem.


As we all are aware of the fact that Neem is gaining popularity day by day all over the globe.  Numbers of companies around the globe are venturing in to Neem based products. Numbers of Neem plantations across the globe are increasing as people are looking for a safer solution to their problems related to health, food and environment.

It won’t be an exaggeration to call Neem 21st century’s “GREEN MANTRA”. By chanting Neem Neem we can live a chemical and pollution free life. Neem for the future generation is the mine of the “GREEN GOLD” “GREEN DIAMONDS”. For the Human health, Animal health, Agriculture and the Environment, Neem is the “GREEN GUARD/GREEN SHIELD”.  In nutshell Neem is the “GREEN ECONOMY” of the globe.

NEEM WAVE EXHIBITIONS LLP, Mumbai is planning to hold second GLOBAL NEEM TRADE FAIR 2018 again to bring the global Neem stakeholders under one roof, at one platform In Mumbai, India.

NEEM WAVE EXHIBITIONS LLP invites you to participate in second GLOBAL NEEM TRADE FAIR as an exhibitor and showcase your Neem products for Neem lovers.

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