Today the increasing World Population (7.3 billion in 2015 and 8 billion by the year of 2024), the Global Warming and Climate Change (as Earth is getting warmer) and the Deforestation (according to the FAO, an estimated 7.3 million hectares of forest are lost each year) are the three major concerns World over.

They seriously threaten the lives on this earth. The best way to overcome a natural problem is to use a natural solution. During the last two decades Neem has been seen as an outstanding tool to minimize these global concerns. Neem tree and its phytochemicals can play an important role in quality food production, food safety, human and animal health, reversing soil erosion, fixing high volume of CO2, and in restoring the balance of the ecosystem. The Neem tree can be considered as a “Life Time Care” “Life Time Insurance” for plants, humans, animals and the environment. NEEM is still struggling to secure its true position in spite of having these enormous potential.

NEEM WAVE EXHIBITIONS LLP is going to organize “GLOBAL NEEM TRADE FAIR” as a part of NEEM MOVEMENT to give Neem the position it truly deserves. NWELLP is also planning to open a chain of exclusive Neem Shops “NEEM BAZAR” across the India. NWELLP will open up “NEEM SKIN CARE CLINIC” in Mumbai.

Dr B N Vyas, Ex Vice President, Godrej Agro vet & Vice Chairman, Neem Foundation ,Dr Joaquim Morgado, M&M Biotechnology(Portugal) and 4LAB4YOU(AUSTRIA), and Dr Nirrmala Kotharii, Neem Skin care Clinic & Chairperson Advisory Board, Neem Foundation are the Directors Partners NEEM WAVE EXHIBITIONS LLP.